Roller Crimper

Our roller crimper is ideal for farmers looking to create a weed-reducing cover crop prior to planting.

The Truflex roller crimper was built on the tried and true design for our 3-section roller. With a 30" drum featuring blades arranged in a chevron pattern alternative to herbicides for organic farmers, and a means for no-till farmers to reduce field trash and debris from crops that don’t break down well during the off-season.

Roller Crimper Key Features:
  • Reduce field waste/trash and create weed suppressing mat
  • Heavy duty construction provides durability designed to last years
  • 30" drum diameter with 1/2" wall thickness
  • Chevron blade pattern to reduce soil tossing
  • 12' transport width for easy transportation and storage
  • Ideal for no-till farmers and farmers looking to reduce planting time without affecting yield
  • Available in 30’, 40’, 45’, and 50' widths
Sprayflex center rack

Truflex Roller Crimper Photos:

Truflex roller crimper Truflex roller crimper
Truflex roller crimper Truflex roller crimper


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