Rear Mount Booms

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Aluminum Truss Booms from Specialty Enterprises available on the Sprayflex Sprayer, contact a Specialty Enterprise Dealer for more info.

  • Rear mounted Aluminum Box Boom
  • 5’ end break away (spring loaded)
  • Boom widths available up to 150'
  • Raven 450 rate control with GPS speed sensor
  • Banjo flange fittings with stainless steel clamps
  • Banjo Ball valves (5 boom)
  • Tank agitators with electric shut-off
  • Single nozzle bodies
  • 2”/3” Combo bottom fill
  • 9306 HM1C hypro water pump
  • Articulating hydraulic fold with joystick control from cab
  • 5’ parallel main mast hydraulic lift
  • Field light kit
  • Hydraulic boom tip lift (left and right)
  • Brake lights and turn signals
  • Pressure gauge for Pump and Boom Pressure

FieldStar 1600/RM & 2000/RM Sprayers:

  • Designed to be Quick Attach to the RBR Vector chassis
  • Tank sizes – 1600 and 2000 gallon stainless steel with 100 gallon rinse tank
  • Rear Mount Boom
  • Sprayflex Aluminum Box Boom – Ultimate in durability and light weight
  • Boom sizes range from 90’-150’, Lightest and most durable boom on the market
  • High clearance, 27” – 30” (depending on tire size)
  • Can be sprayer/spreader combo, take sprayer off and put dry fertilizer spreader on
  • Many tire/wheel sizes to choose from
  • RBR Vector chassis is full mechanical 4WD
  • Driver information screen, tells water pressures and oil temp/pressure of system
  • Wheel track = 120” (other tracks available, some dependent on wheel size)

FieldStar 1600/RM & 2000/RM Sprayer Brochure


Owners Manual



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FieldStar 1600/RM

FieldStar 2000/RM (150’ Boom)

FieldStar 1600/RM with Specialty Booms


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